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We, the Westphaal family, after touring Europe, finally found in the countryside of Central Portugal a new home which could reflect our motto; ie striving for an uncomplicated and stress-free life.  We want our guests to share in this ideal and have the opportunity to do those things that modern living does not allow time for.

Casa Ribeira is a traditional farmhouse and cottages which have been carefully converted into guesthouses whilst retaining their original charm.

For those looking for something different, our experience in outdoor pursuits and in survival training along with an understanding of the countryside, gives our guest a nice mix of luxury, comfort, romance and freedom. This area is full of surprises and adventure.   For those who want to relax in a natural environment and enjoy clean air and beautiful scenery, then we cater for you too.


Ingrid introduces Ferrie:

Ferrie is a creative person who enjoys painting, writing short stories and cookery.  His love of nature is reflected in his guided walks and outdoor activities.  Ferrie also enjoys a lively discussion within which his good humor and empathy for others is reflected.  These are the qualities I recognise in him.


Ferrie introduces Ingrid:

I should describe Ingrid as a warm and honest person.  Her interests are extensive and very comprehensive and range from hostess to construction worker, farmer to events organiser.  Ingrid enjoys the challenge of trying something new and her sincerity and work ethic are unmatched.




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